Benny Flocka at his finest.

Benny Flocka at his finest.

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Wine and Rhyme was a much needed event and game changer. Drinks were flowing and vibe were from all around. Wine may have been new for some but what in life isn’t new? Wine and Rhyme exemplifies the Debonair lifestyle. Can’t wait until the next one. S/o to    Mike Mass and Beyo the Beast on Beats for a great time and collaboration. Side note as I’m going through the pictures… Why doesn’t everybody look this good all the time? 

The Sango signature on his tracks is undeniable. Just like you knew timberland was on the track. Sango is really out cheeeer. 

Oh Gawwd….. 


Here’s a sneak peak at Mighty Jai’s 1st official music video, “Marinate”. Coming soon.

Mighty Jai- Marinate from Wondermynd Motion Pictures on Vimeo.


A quick glance of some of the District members getting ready to head out. When you get ready for Wine and Rhyme march 30th, above anything else, come as you are. When you arrive to to the Crumb & Cork downtown. Debonair District brand: Truly Phresh will be in the building looking for the best dressed man or woman of the evening. We’ll be providing some special giveaways. Be sure to bring your A game. #IamPhresh

We got a chance to sit down with local Tampa rapper Riplon as he gets ready to drop his newest mixtape “I Meet World”. He gives us some quality bars to tease the people. Stay Tuned for an in depth interview as he discusses his latest project. I Meet World - March 25th

Tom Browne - Funkin’ For Jamaica